It's a small Mint for a man...

The legendary Summer of Love spawned plenty of refreshing ideas, but it was Ferrero that came up with one, which has stayed fresh for more than 45 years.

Today we say it was one small mint for a man, but one giant leap into refreshment for everyone. 

The grand premiere

In this world one has to make a name for him or herself. A catchy name works best - thus Ferrero didn't hesitate to replace its "Refreshing Mints" name with "Tic Tac".

It was 1970 and new branding hit the jackpot of attention. The name Tic Tac® refers to the distinct clicking sound of our pills against the pack. Our new name caught on and Tic Tac® quickly rose to stardom.

Dancing with the Mints

The Eighties were the time of breaking through old walls - both for the world and for Tic Tac®. We expnaded to a total of five continents, and introduced new flavors, helping Tic Tac® make their mark as the most popular mints around the globe.

Tic Tac® continued it's walk of refreshing success, crowning Orange and Freshmints flavors as all-time classics.

Welcome to the Minternet

The Nineties were the time of steady growth. Tic Tac® had become one of the most popular confectionery products in the world. It was like the movies - from a small mint to a worldwide, renowned refreshment giant - nothing could have slowed Tic Tac® down. As the brand matured, flavors evolved to delight and surprise it's loyal fan base.

Always a team

Always fresh, always together, always a successful team. We still remember the warm round of applause given to Cherry Passion, Citrus Twist, Extra Strong Mint, Lime Orange... Since then, we've worked hard to bring our fans new flavor innovation and seasonal varieties to keep things fresh.

Refresh your mind

Throughout the years, Tic Tac® has made it onto the silver screen and to TV, too.

This subtle drift to pop culture means a lot to us - it shows that the refreshing power of Tic Tac® has become a part of the common imagination.